Blogging Handout Webliography

Created for a weblog and Drupal workshop at Colby College

Introductions and definitions of blogging

My short definition

A weblog, or blog, is an online journal, whether individual or collaborative, facilitated by a simple web publishing interface. Unlike a print journal, a weblog is public, with the most recent posts always greeting the reader in the front (the top of the home page). Many definitions often try to classify blogs into personal/diary-like, filter, or knowledge publishing. While many blogs have characteristics of more than one category, these terms as a group do help to define the genre as a whole.

To get a sampling of weblogs, visit And peruse the blogrolls on the pages you visit.

Individual Blogs by Scholars and Teachers

Community Weblogs Maintained by Scholars and Teachers

Non-Drupal Class Weblogs

Drupal Class Weblogs

Consider range of Drupal sites and use of portals as course management platforms.