Let Someone Else Do the Promoting

It's always in reflection that you see the real objection. Last weekend when Pat objected to my post, Will Blogs Grow Management Wings, I sort of missed the point. I incorrectly assumed that he was objecting to me not including Manila in the list of content management tools, as an alternative to the weblogs that I had listed. Obviously, Manila does not fit my conclusion since it is not open source.

But in visiting Pat's blog today, I reread his post again, I see that it was an objection to me not including Manila in my "blog tool listing." My mistake for misreading, but Pat's mistake for objecting. Manila doesn't really belong in that blog tool list. It is a CMS. And besides, this wasn't a comprehensive review of blog tools or CMS's, so why does it matter? I also did not list many good open source CMS's and failed to mention *any* open source course management systems (hope I'm not getting blasted from that arena). I can't help but feel that the real objection was that I failed to promote Manila.

Meanwhile, Dave Winer has been busy objecting about the use of open source CMS's by political campaigns. Gotta love the irony in the title of What software is Dean selling? from Radio Free Blogistan which points to Winer's complaint about Deanspace's use of Drupal:

We'll look back in 20 years and see, perhaps, that he was the first candidate to win on the Web, much as JFK was the first candidate to win through TV. Dean owning the software is analogous to JFK starting a TV network.

Now, who is he kidding? Drupal is GPL'd? Similarly, he's got another complaint here.

Of course, we all know who owns weblog software and never fails to promote it.

So it's my turn to rant a little. Can't say I feel guilty about not having promoted Manila. Winer doesn't have my vote. Maybe I'll change my mind once it's ported to run on an open source web server that can run on an open source os. Maybe not.

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broken link

FYI - you have a broken link on "Winer's complaint".
Joe L.

re:broken link

yep. doesn't help to have the url in the source if the html tag is messed up :)

all fixed now.