Preconfigured Xtemplate Skins for Drupal


Yesterday, I posted up some Xtemplate skins for Drupal 4.4.x. There are now over ten, some variations on the others, all of which are included in the DrupalEd and DrupalBlog package downloads. Some are original; others are adaptations of other themes. Some are fixed width. All support 2 or 3 column layouts. And all are GPL'd or Creative Commons licensed.

But to make things easier, I'm pulling each of the individual zip files I put up earlier and put them all together in one tar gzipped file for download: xtemplateskins-4.4.1.tar.gz. Some thumbnails which lead to full screenshots follow:

blue_mark blue_mark
bluesolid bluesolid
candidblue candidblue
cyber3 cyber3
earthtones earthtones
lotsagreen lotsagreen
purplestuff purplestuff
redbrick redbrick
rubric rubric

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Nice Work

I haven't played with these yet but the PNGs look great. Nice to have some more high quality Drupal templates.

I'm sure Rubric will become a blog favourite!

rubric, etc.

thanks! know that i didn't go crazy with the css customization--for instance, the archive calendar and forums are still default. just some basic css adjustments. have to leave the real customization up to the professionals, like in pushbutton ;)

as for rubric, that's a poor attempt on my part to adapt the WordPress theme by that name (it was gpl'd). just doesn't look as good when trying to do it with tables as in xtemplate.