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An Invitation to a Writer's Life


I posted the following last evening to Kairosnews:

'Deborah Coxwell-Teague, our First Year Writing Director at Florida State University, and great mentor to me, is exploring why teachers resist using technology as a presentation for the Florida College English Association Conference. Deborah is focusing on teachers' attitudes by collecting statements from teachers who do resist, looking closely at their feelings about why they feel it unnecessary to embrace technology in their teaching.

As part of her research, she also asked me, "When you have a few minutes, could you help me by writing a paragraph or so for me in which you explore some of what you think I'm missing out on by not embracing technology as I could." So I thought I'd post my response here and see if anyone else has something they'd like to add:

Students Blogging about Blogs


One of the things that I like to do with my class is have them read a piece by Meg Hourihan about weblogs and visit (see the assignment). I used this assignment this summer and have felt like it has been a success. However, I was excited to see in the course website referrers this week for my current class that two of the weblogs linked to by students -- Jen Speaks and MedicMom -- have discovered the posts and have blogged about them.

Americans For Dean: Extending Drupal

Looks like the Americans For Dean group are going to do some great stuff in extending Drupal. Note that their design will easily allow a teacher to maintain a personal Drupal site and send posts to a class site. This is very useful since class sites are, in my mind, temporary spaces. Maintaining multiple class sites on a server is extra work. With this model, the teacher can build syllabus, course materials, etc. on their own site, and thus keep them permanently, even after the class site is taken down.

Using Weblogs: Teaching with Drupal

Over on Kairosnews, I've posted links to the classroom sites that are using Drupal:

Using Weblogs: Teaching with Drupal - In a continued effort to integrate blogs into the classroom, Terra Williams, Dustin Anderson and myself are using Drupal to teach our first year writing classes this summer. So far, things seem to be going well. Terra, Dustin and I all agree that Drupal is much easier than Blackboard for us to use as teachers and we feel like students are finding it easier to use as well.

If you'd like to visit the classes, they are public on the Internet:

Terra's class
Dustin's classes (two sections using one site)
My class

Open Source Weblog CMS's: An Alternative to Blackboard

I'm at the Computers and Writing 2003 conference, held this year at Purdue University. Later this morning, I'll be presenting on my experience using PostNuke as a platform for teaching.