Dr. B's Been Drupalized


Sam's moved on from her Blogger blog to her new Drupalized website :)

JustBlogging using the JustBlogIt Firefox Extension


With this post, I'm JustBlogging:

JustBlogIt with a simple right-click.

What is JustBlogIt?
JustBlogIt is a Mozilla / Firefox extension to allow easy right-click posting to a weblog. From any website your new blog post is only a right-click away.

How is JustBlogIt different from a other blogging bookmarklets or context-menu tools?

JustBlogIt supports posting to a variety of weblog system types and is not specific to just one. You can also use the Custom... setting to add any weblog type you want.

More importantly, JustBlogIt supports seamless posting from within many web-based News Readers. JustBlogIt checks to see if you are trying to post from a News Reader and adapts the blogging data accordingly.

What weblog types are supported by JustBlogIt?

Blogger, Drupal, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Radio Userland, TextPattern, TypePad and WordPress. Plus you can add any weblog type you want through the Custom... setting.

Putting the Writing at Risk


I was in a workshop today at Purdue where we talked briefly about the idea of students writing publicly in blogs. One of the concerns expressed was that students could be at risk by writing on the web. However, the first goal of public writing is to put the writing at risk, not the writer. Students can post under pseudonyms or anonymously while the writing remains vulnerable to public readers, to criticism on the web.

MT to Drupal Migration Tool


James Seng has written a Perl script to convert MovableType sites to Drupal. This sounds much easier than Morbus's script, and it's compatible with Drupal 4.4.x (Morbus's is for Drupal CVS only). However, those that wish to preserve comment author information will have to use Drupal CVS (not for the average user) or wait until the MT style commenting module is backported to Drupal 4.4.x. Otherwise, users, categories, blog posts, and trackbacks get converted over. Archive urls are preserved, and the MT site can even be imported into a currently running Drupal installation.

DrupalEd: A Drupal Configuration for Education

A Panel Presentation for the 2004 Computers and Writing Conference.

More Thoughts on Copyfighters and Open Source Weblog Software

Clancy followed up my post at Kairosnews with a list of more copyfighters who use proprietary/non open source software to run their weblogs. I would suspect that if someone took the time to dig through the weblogs of those academics active in the copyfight disourse, that those outside of IT would predominantly not be using open source.

Clancy also remakes Benkler's good point that "if the internet is really going to be free, it needs to be free at the physical layer, the logical layer, and the content layer."

Last, consider this analogy. Imagine if all the active members of Greenpeace drove Ford Expeditions and Chevy Tahoes and failed to recycle any of their paper, plastic, and aluminum goods. . . .