Okay. Maybe this only gets the 'nix/blog geek types excited, but a weblog program that's written in BASH and can be run from the command line ranks up there in the cool apps category:

NanoBlogger is a small weblog engine written in Bash, that uses common unix tools, such as cat, grep and sed. It's free to use and modify under the GNU General Public License.

Semantic Blogging for Bibliography Management


I had not realized that they were doing research on blogging, so I was surprised to find this page on semantic blogging from HP (via Open Access News). Detailed information of the demonstration site can be found on the semblogging explanation page.

What Is a Conference Weblog?

What Is a Conference Weblog? - Last spring at Purdue, when Judi Kirkpatrick asked me to help put together a weblog for constructing a narrative history of the Computers and Writing conference, I immediately thought, "How exciting!" Weblogs offer unique opportunities for communities to construct narratives with a simple web-publishing tool. And as a project, Building a History is a not only the means for preserving the memories of our field, but also a way for teachers in Computers and Writing to experiment with and become more familiar with weblogs as a genre. [CW2004 Weblog]

Blogging Handout Webliography

Created for a weblog and Drupal workshop at Colby College

Introductions and definitions of blogging

My short definition

Best Travel Blogs


You know that blogs have made it into the mainstream when Forbes puts up an article about Best Travel Blogs.

Link courtesy of judith meskill's knowledge notes....

Let Someone Else Do the Promoting

It's always in reflection that you see the real objection. Last weekend when Pat objected to my post, Will Blogs Grow Management Wings, I sort of missed the point. I incorrectly assumed that he was objecting to me not including Manila in the list of content management tools, as an alternative to the weblogs that I had listed. Obviously, Manila does not fit my conclusion since it is not open source.