The Future of DrupalEd: Multisite Portal?


As I see others working with how to create a more usable DrupalEd installation for Drupal 6x, I am reminded of back in 2004 when I released the very first incarnation of DrupalEd.

At that time, I believed that the robust solution for Drupal as a learning platform was to adopt the portal model used by Blackboard and other LMS's. The portal would be the top site in in the domain of a multisite installation (or perhaps the main school website would be, but either way works if there is a portal), with each classroom site an independent site within the multi-site setup. When profiles were invented, I always imagined that the main Drupal portal site would allow a teacher to pick from various site types of functionality: "I need "

Drupal Sighting: OpenOffice.org Extensions


Just noticed that the OpenOffice.org Extensions website looks like it might be using Drupal.

UN End Poverty Campaign Uses Drupal


Check out the United Nations' End Poverty Campaign website.

Unusual Site Problems


Strange things. My blog has been down because of some problems with my account on my commercial host, Site5. Naturally right before I had to head out of town, the files in my hosting account managed to get wiped. Well, that is except for the Drupal misc/ directory.

ComicJuice for Drupal


Steven Wittens deserves the Award for the Most Creative Use of Drupal with his new ComicJuice, a website which allows the user to create comics online. Go Steven! This is proof of concept toward building a Drupal desktop (or should that be desktop, web-based) publishing application :-)