Cleaning LCD Screens?


After staring at the screen all day yesterday--working on themes, etc.--I began to notice all the dust specs and smudges on my LCD desktop monitor. I've had this monitor about six months and have cleaned it once using a screen wipe packet I happened to have lying around. But it seems that there ought to be an easier way than buying expensive cleaning packets from the computer store.

Well, the discussion on this post at Jeremy Zawodny's blog indicates that the best LCD screen cleaning solution is isopropyl alcohol diluted with water, at most a 50% solution (apparently, taken from an Apple manual), and that commercial computer screen cleaning solutions are nothing more than the same. Oh, and use a soft, flannel/cotton cloth.

System recovery with Knoppix


For anyone with a Knoppix cd hanging around, this article from IBM DeveloperWorks is a good howto on disk recovery using Knoppix.

Note: Given IBM's investment in Linux, I wonder if we'll see more useful howto's from IBM?

Palm Markup Language


Since I volunteered to make the C&W 2003 Conference Program work on Palm Reader, I guess it's time to learn Palm Markup Language.