Unusual Site Problems


Strange things. My blog has been down because of some problems with my account on my commercial host, Site5. Naturally right before I had to head out of town, the files in my hosting account managed to get wiped. Well, that is except for the Drupal misc/ directory.

Site5 has been causing so many problems of late. Site access is poor on the accounts I have; frequent timeouts. They had to restore from backup a couple of weeks ago when they had a hard drive failure, even though they have RAID 5. And during my recent event, I found out they don't keep good backups. They have 1 backup that gets overwritten in a 24 hour period. That means if someone's files got messed up by Site5 and no one realized it for 24 hours, well, there's to be done. Email account backups are even less frequent. Looks like about once a week.

Time to move things on the new server in my office. That has been stable now for a few months; no problems whatsoever.